Autumn Is Here At Last!

Autumn Woodland

It has been a long, hot, dry summer and I am so excited that fall seems to have arrived both in Second Life and real life! After seeing some gorgeous landscaped and decorated sky platforms around Second Life, I am trying one above my mainland. So far, just the exterior is finished. I started out with the Storybook Cottage garden which was very rustic and green for spring, swapped out the cottage for a Dust Bunny one, replaced some of the landscaping and tinted most of what was left with fall colors. There is a duck pond, and I added a vegetable garden, horses, chickens, rabbits, and goats, plus of course cats and dogs.

Rejuvenation at Pemberley Shores

Watching the Sunset

A new region opened recently to visitors, Pemberley Shores, and I fell in love with the ambience and the stunning landscaping. I rented a cottage on the coast for a few weeks, and this serene beach was a short stroll away. If you have not visited there yet, I highly recommend it! The companion region Pemberley Estate is also a venue for music and events.