Autumn – Maple Syrup Mornings

When I was growing up, every Sunday morning we had either pancakes or waffles made with Bisquick. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and cooking for others is a wonderful way to show we care.


  • Elm – Carissa Kitchen [White], Kitchen Decor at Fameshed, Laurel’s Kitchen Decor
  • Ariskea – Dairy Sage Container, Lucy Aloe Plant
  • Soul2Soul – Rustic Chic Kitchen – Pantry Items
  • Nutmeg – Casserole Black , Farmhouse Kitchen Oven Mitts, Porcelain Collection
  • Chez Moi – Terrasen Placemats
  • West Village Pancake Breakfast Board
  • Fetch – Fall Tray
  • Merak – Expresso Machine (at Fameshed)
  • sf – Peppermint pots
  • Dust Bunny & Con – Rosemary Kitchen knives, Dust Bunny – Kitchen Clutter paper towels
  • Floorplan – Baking Canisters
  • Hive – Cozy Kitchen full fridge
  • Apple Fall – Copper Mixer, Copper Teakettle, Clay Cats Jour and Nuit

A fun thing about the expresso machine is it lets you choose from several different drinks and cup styles….the first one I tried was the Irish Coffee and, well…let’s just say I won’t be posting any pictures of me drinking using that particular animation. Maybe a little TOO much whiskey in that drink!

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  • Fay Starlight 3 years ago Reply

    Sounds like my kinda coffee (lol)! 🙂

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