Autumn Is Here At Last!

Autumn Woodland

It has been a long, hot, dry summer and I am so excited that fall seems to have arrived both in Second Life and real life! After seeing some gorgeous landscaped and decorated sky platforms around Second Life, I am trying one above my mainland. So far, just the exterior is finished. I started out with the Storybook Cottage garden which was very rustic and green for spring, swapped out the cottage for a Dust Bunny one, replaced some of the landscaping and tinted most of what was left with fall colors. There is a duck pond, and I added a vegetable garden, horses, chickens, rabbits, and goats, plus of course cats and dogs.

The Path to a Very Long Drop

I tried to “fool the eye” with the path out of the farm by adding some Skye Rocky Platforms and a rising Woodland Path piece at the very end to make it appear like the start of a nice hike through the hills…

Late Summer Goat Meadow

The goats seem to be enjoying it here, and so am I! Well, time to get to work on the inside of the cottage…


  • Two Moon Gardens – Storybook Cottage with Garden (heavily modded), Wild Autumn Grass Plants
  • Dust Bunny Woodland Dreams Penrose Cottage (Gacha – Rare – 130 li)
  • Simply Shelby Late Summer Goat Meadow
  • Landscaping by Felix: 1 Prim Mesh Way, Mesh Autumn Garden Border
  • LOVE: Lazy Autumn Scene
  • 3D Trees – Young Birch Group seasonal
  • Alirium: Downy Grass, Nanohana, Dwarf Forest (old gold)
  • T-Spot Mesh
  • Mesh Plants by Reid Parkin
  • AB by Azalea Bluebell

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