Life on the Water in Bellisseria

One of the most popular Linden Home themes is the Houseboat. All four houseboat models have a private dock area and access to open water channels, making them a good choice for people that enjoy sailing and being close to the water.

For this location with an amazing view of a lighthouse, I chose the smallest houseboat, the “Evening Star”.

The first thing I added to the houseboat was a purchased add on that covered the downstairs walls, created a bathroom space, and added stairs to a new upper room. Then, used the House Control module to change the original houseboat surfaces, tinted and/or retextured the add on pieces where needed, and added a simple mesh prim with a white plank wood texture to the lower level floor. The add on comes with a built in kitchen island, but I wanted to use my own so stretched and resized an Ionic island to fit over the original. A door to the newly added bathroom is back by the stairs.

Upstairs, the new room was turned into a bedroom and a little vanity/office space. Since this is a boat, there are many curved corners. I think it turned out well!

The add on came with a very nice pergola for the top deck. Since the big draw of this boat’s location is the view from the starboard side, I replaced the pergola with a small seating area for coffee, drinks and chats.

Then to finish it off, added a pool, a little greenery and a swing, plus a walkway to the pool…still within the 351 prim limits for Linden Homes!


  • BH&G Evening Star Houseboat Add On LI:18
  • dust bunny & con . lauren bathroom . single vanity LI:6
  • dust bunny & con . lauren bathroom . vanity basket LI:3
  • dust bunny . lauren bathroom . bathtub caddy LI:2
  • dust bunny . lauren bathroom . mirror . gold LI:2
  • dust bunny . lauren bathroom . hanging robe . c LI:3
  • [Fetch] Dream Bathroom – Wall Shelf LI:1
  • The Loft – Lainey Sconce Brass LI:1
  • :HAIKEI: Home Sweet Home / GACHA / 6 (tub/shower) LI:8
  • :HAIKEI: Seeing all the lights on / GACHA / {5} (rug) LI:1
  • :HAIKEI: The Winter Cabin / GACHA {1} bunnies LI:1
  • :HAIKEI: Seeing all the lights on / GACHA / {2} fireplace LI:7
  • ionic : Hang out – RARE LI:24
  • :HAIKEI: Lazy Sunday / GACHA {4} side table LI:2
  • Kres : Blossom Chair – PG LI:6
  • ionic : La mesa – isla LI:4
  • ionic : My Kitchen LI:17
  • dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . tray LI:3
  • [Cinoe] Disappeared way back – Croissant & Coffee LI:2
  • Fancy Decor: Drip Coffee Maker (white) LI:1
  • Trompe Loeil – Norah Studio Refrigerator Cream LI:12
  • hive // modern farmhouse kitchen wood shelf LI:1
  • CHEZ MOI Cotton Lamp Blue LI:2
  • ionic BePresent LI:2
  • Trompe Loeil – Norah Shelf + Props C LI:10
  • CHEZ MOI Quinn Mini Oven LI:2
  • ionic El conejito de la suertet LI:4
  • ionic Flower poster LI:1
  • ionic Old Days desk & stool LI:4
  • .peaches. Eryx Laptop Clutter LI: 3
  • ionic Las Casitas Suecas LI:2
  • tarte. x Elm. isabelle desk (white) LI:2
  • tarte. x Elm. marble phone holder LI:2
  • tarte. x Elm. sketchbook & glasses LI:2
  • :HAIKEI: Suddenly Morning / GACHA {1} Shelf LI:1
  • Dahlia – Elwood Spring Beauty Clutter LI:1
  • {moss&mink} 3k VIPs – Exclusive Record Player LI:2
  • {moss&mink} Monique Shell Chair LI:4
  • {wn} Balboa Floor Lamp LI:2
  • {wn} Chelsea Curtains (panel & lights) LI:2
  • dust bunny . season of giving . silk pajamas . pink LI:1
  • dust bunny . sweet dreams . morning tray LI:2
  • dust bunny . violet vanity . makeup bag LI:1
  • !! Follow US !! Like a Boss desk – Laptop LI:1
  • ionic MEOW LI:1
  • ionic Awake {bed} LI:15
  • Foxwood – Chonky Kitty – Sit 2 LI:2
  • Bazar – Glam-Ottoman LI:2
  • ionic Good day sunshine (suitcases) LI:8
  • Elm. Emmaline Nook Bench w/ Pillows [Eggshell] LI:8
  • MINIMAL – Comfy Ceramic Lamp LI:1
  • MINIMAL – Comfy Shabby Side Table LI:1
  • :CP: Vetur Cheval Mirror LI:3
  • +Half-Deer+ Shoe Rack – Pink
  • Verspertine – Bag full of Peonies
  • Kraftwork Serene Collection – Books & Glasses
  • [Merak] – Home Slippers QUEEN – Gacha LI:1
  • Scarlet Creative – Barcelona Wool Rug
  • DD Olivia Boho Console
  • +Half-Deer+ Lighted Pathway – Stars – Snowy LI:2
  • 8f8 – Driftwood II – Swing me still LI:4
  • CR Pampas Grass Linkset Group LI:2
  • [DDD] Mystic Twinkling Ivy – Patch LI:1
  • {wn} Seaclose Floating Deck and Stairs LI: 25
  • Dahlia – Flamingo Float LI:5
  • [DDD] Mystic Twinkling Ivy – Patch LI:1
  • dust bunny . beach bag . cream LI:1
  • dust bunny . beach day . lounge chair . pg LI:3
  • dust bunny . beach day . towel tote LI:4
  • dust bunny . dreamy outing . parasol LI:8
  • {what next} Seashell Drink Dispenser (pink) LI:1
  • CHEZ MOI – Scrolled Bistro Table & Chairs LI:3
  • Dahlia – Julia – Candles & Books – Amber LI:1
  • Pitaya – Farm Table Mood – Decorative Door Wood LI:6
  • Kuro Rounded Rug (green) – LI: 1

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  • Gogo 3 years ago Reply

    Love your houseboat! Such a great view of the light house 🙂

  • Malayaa 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you! I paid for the theme, it is called ” Notumn “.

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