Letting in the Autumn Sun – Conservatory Style

Barnesworth Anubis Conservatory

This gorgeous conservatory from Barnesworth Anubis (currently at Collabor88) provides the perfect garden retreat for soaking up the sun’s warmth while watching the falling leaves dance in the wind. It is only 24 li. There are windows everywhere!

The brick does a wonderful job of absorbing the late afternoon sun and providing interior warmth as we watch the sunset. For autumn, I added a wall fountain (and a white backing prim). When winter comes, possibly the wall fountain will be replaced with a wood stove or other heater, but for now it is just right.


  • BA [Barnesworth Anubis] – Marblehead Conservatory at Collabor88
  • Atelier Burgundy [Fevaz]- Lorena Vases, Morris Rugs
  • DaD [Sheepetal Roussel] – Les Memoires Wrought Iron Lounger
  • Dahlia [June Fallon] – Julia Candles & Books – Amber
  • Chez Moi [Nanda Marjeta] – Scrolled Bistro Chairs and Table
  • EVHAH – Hacienda Wall Fountain
  • ROIRO – Hanging planter (Ivy Hedera)
  • Tarte [Alessandra Dallas] – Garden Birdcage w/stand, Kenwood fence, Lighted pumpkin cluster (traditional), Grow light stand, Stone path, Falling leaves
  • Dust Bunny [Noel Bunny] – Camellia floor lamp, Lemon plant
  • Apple Fall [Apple Pumpkins] – Copper Shovel & Pitchfork
  • Sese [Stella Sangria] – #20 Garden Cafe Flowers & Pumpkin
  • Raindale [KeiraLans] – Twinklefield bench
  • Thor [Andraus Thor] – Meowix the Cat
  • Vespertine [Amelie Knelstrom] – Woodland treasures arrangement

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